Story last updated at 1:31 p.m. Thursday, June 6, 2002

Kodiak expects guests
Another around-the-world attempt is being made, this time in a 33-foot power boat manned by a British crew. The Spirit of Cardiff and its crew left Gibraltar April 7, and are hoping to arrive in Kodiak this week. Their mission is to circumvent the globe in 31 legs, interspersed with fuel stops every two days.

The boat has already traveled down the Mediterranean to the Suez Canal, reaching India through the Red Sea. From there, the traveled through Asia, then across the Pacific via Russia to Kodiak. After the Alaska pit stop, the team is scheduled to go to Mexico, through the Panama Canal, up the East Coast to Newfoundland and across the sea to their home.

They hope to beat the 75-day record set by a Cable and Wireless Adventure team. The boat is powered by a 165 hp Yamaha turbo diesel and equipped with satellite communication equipment as well as a high-tech navigation system. So far, they have hit some bad weather, causing damage to a windscreen, the auto pilot, a prop and a gearbox, but all that has been overcome. The Kodiak Daily Mirror