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Story last updated at 7:14 PM on Wednesday, June 1, 2011

U.S. should support Israel

Stop and step back away from the whole picture. Focus on what is being asked of the Israelis? There is no difference than what the Mexican people want of us. They want a return of California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and a few others. We fought and won this land so it is America's. It doesn't belong to the Mexican government or Mexican people.

In the same mind's eye, it is no different than what everyone is telling Israel that it has to give up the land that it won in the Six-Day War against the Palestinians. The majority of Americans know that what is being asked of Israel is not right or prudent to do.

Let Jordan or any of the other Arab states take in their people. It looks to me as though the governments want to cause strife for Israel. It is not right in any manner, shape or form to ask Israel to give land back that it won.

We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel not put a wedge between Israel and the United States.

JoAnn Langendorfer