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Story last updated at 7:08 PM on Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Homer's Best Bets

After wandering around town this past week, the Betster has only one question: Where the heck did all these people come from? Maybe it was the big shiny cruise ship. Maybe it was the convoy of rental motorhomes coming over the top of Baycrest Hill. Maybe it was all the bush rats emerging from their hidey holes. Or maybe it was our summer friends returning.


Photographer: Lindsay Johnson, Homer News

Wind power
Seagulls fly and sailboats cruise during the Homer Yacht Club Sourdough Regatta on Saturday.

Yeah, yeah you old timers grump at all the people cluttering up the streets, to which the Betster says "Tough." It's a free country and everyone has the right to travel where they wish. If they wind up at the end of the road, well, so did many of us. The Betster likes seeing new people with interesting accents and funny customs. Besides, many of them are easy on the eyes, ya know? They haven't quite developed that Spit Rat grunge look, either, and have clean hair, spiffy 'dos, bright teeth and clothes that weren't worn in the last century.

If you're cash starved like the Betster, maybe you haven't been able to afford a vacation to an exotic locale this year. Fortunately, the world comes to us, and going forth on a busy summer day to get a sandwich you just might meet a pleasant woman from Indonesia who thinks it's funny when you ask her how she's handling the heat.

Every day in the summer can be like vacation. Heck, pretend that's what you're doing. Pitch a tent on the Spit. Grill some salmon or halibut. Head forth for adventure, like with some of these Best Bets:

BEST PURPLE HAZE BET: If you're seeing purple around town, don't adjust your shades. On Friday starting at noon, help decorate downtown with purple bows and messages to start the seven-day countdown to the Relay for Life. Want to help? Visit www.relayforlifeofhomer.org or call Tammy Ackerman at 299-1994.

BEST BIG ART BET: Brad Hughes' "Current Home" is designed for the harsh Alaska elements, so it's fitting that his First Friday show is held outdoors and on site where he created it at his Ocean Drive Loop studio. Check out these and other First Friday openings from 5-7:30 p.m. all over town. See Arts, page 12 for listings.

BEST BEACH WALK BET: If you want to see cool birds like cormorants or harlequin ducks, you have to do a little work. Walk through the forest and to the beach starting at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Diamond Creek trailhead across from Diamond Ridge Road. It's the Kachemak Bay Birders' First Saturday birding trip. Meet at Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center to carpool.

BEST PET PROMENADE BET: Show off your pooches and support Homer Animal Friends with the annual Strut Your Mutt. The all-ages, all-breeds event starts at 10 a.m. Saturday at the corner of Pioneer Avenue and the Sterling Highway.