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Story last updated at 4:37 PM on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dont pollute for a perfect lawn

Ive wanted to say this for a while, but Jeff Lowenfels of the Anchorage Daily News is an expert voice in the gardening world. He wrote: Under no circumstances should any reader get out the lawn spreader, hose end or pump spray and apply any of the commercially available poisons traditionally used to kill dandelions. You know what I am talking about, and just in case you dont, I mean weed and feed products ... and impossible to pronounce, synthetically made formulas like 2-4-d products.

In my opinion ... you have no right to use anything but an organic weed killer. To use anything else not only risks jeopardizing your health, that of your children and pets, but also anyone within a huge radius. Spray drifts 75 miles. ... Dont believe me? Just read the labels or use your search engine and read about the health hazards for your product. The argument is not that these are very effective at what they do and organic remedies are not as good. This is way more than trumped by the health and community issues involved. You have no right to harm others. It is antithetical to gardening, anyhow.

If you live here you must have a connection with the ocean. Either you fish or your neighbor does or you just relish the view. Anything we put on our lawns ends up in the ocean. Please dont pollute what we love so much in search of the perfect lawn.

Ken Jones