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Story last updated at 12:54 PM on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Friday Events

June explodes with color

By Michael Armstrong
Staff Writer

Looking at some of the preview images of art shows opening this Friday, Alaskans ready for a splash of color after a long, snowy winter won't have to wait for the lupines to bloom along the Homer Spit trail. Color abounds in galleries from Pioneer Avenue to Old Town.

At the Pratt Museum, Halibut Cove artist, chef and Danny J captain Marian Beck presents her autobiographical show "Merged Lifestyles of Kachemak Bay." Painting in colors as vivid as a bay rainforest in midsummer, Beck's show reflects on her life growing up in the cove.

In her abstract landscape show at Ptarmigan Arts, Meghan Bundtzen balances bright colors with the dull — making the colors stand out all the more. Next door at Fireweed Gallery, Rosemary Redmond's photographs take a more realistic approach, capturing the intense colors of urban scenes as well as nature.

June's shows also use media beyond paint. At Bunnell Street Arts Center, encaustic artist and teacher Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt creates mixed-media sculptures that use the ancient media of melted wax and pigment. At Picture Alaska, Patsy Tomlin's fabric art is both two- and three-dimensional, with sculptures made with fabric piecing. Tomilyn Clark goes beyond encaustics to higher temperature media, that of fused glass, to create sculptures of salmon and other sea creatures.

Art Shop Gallery

207 W. Pioneer Ave.

Paintings by Ed Tussey

5-7 p.m., First Friday Reception

Homer artist Ed Tussey shows his acrylic paintings of wildlife, landscapes and seascapes. Tussey studied art and oceanography while attending college in Washington, and has traveled throughout the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. He has become known for his detailed, realistic portrayals of birds, marine animals and other wildlife in natural settings based on his observations over many years.

Bunnell Street Arts Center

106 W. Bunnell Ave.

Arrival, encaustic and mixed media works by Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt 5-7 p.m., First Friday Opening Reception; 6 p.m., artist talk

Encaustic artist and teacher Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt shows works that combine sculpture, installation and encaustic media.

Fireweed Gallery

475 E. Pioneer Ave.

Through a Glass Lightly, photographs by Rosemary Redmond

5-7 p.m., First Friday Reception

Alaska photographer Rosemary Redmond's show compiles photographs taken from Alaska to Paris and in between. Raised in cannery villages in the Bristol Bay region, Redmond studied art at the University of Alaska and the Pratt Institute, New York. She has exhibited at the Kendall Gallery in New York and the Anchorage Museum, and was one of 26 artists in the national juried competition, New American Talent. She describes her images as "vignettes of her wanderings and moments in time that came to me as poetical surprises along the way."

Homer Council on the Arts

344 W. Pioneer Ave.

Therapeutic Paintings by Kenny Porter 5-7 p.m., First Friday Reception

Homer artist Kenny Porter paints as a means of therapy for his mental illness. His large-scale acrylic paintings create dream-like images, using recurring motifs of triangles, pyramids and floating geometric angles in landscapes suggesting deserts, space, and open doorways. Porter said he doesn't want to explain his art and encourages viewers to interpret the paintings for themselves. Porter has shown his work numerous times in the National Art Exhibition by the Mentally Ill, in which he won a second place award.


Tomilyn Clark's fused-glass salmon and other art go on exhibit this Friday at Picture Alaska on Pioneer Avenue.

Picture Alaska

448 E. Pioneer Ave.

Fabric art by Patsy Tomlin Fused glass by Tomilyn Clark

5-7 p.m., First Friday Reception

Homer artist Patsy Tomlin's fabric art represents a variety of techniques and fabric types including two floral pieces with dyed silk petals, a series of batik landscape fabric and a three-dimensional landscape achieved through fabric piecing.

Anchorage artist Tomilyn Clark has been making glass art for more than 25 years, including her popular and colorful glass salmon and other sea creatures. Clark created unique pieces using crushed glass, strings of glass, hot glass enamels and dichroic glass that has been embedded with gold, silver and other precious metals.

Ptarmigan Arts Back Room Gallery

471 E. Pioneer Ave.

La Vida con Vision, paintings by Meghan L.H. Bundtzen

5-7 p.m., First Friday Reception

Bundtzen's abstract landscapes balance negative and positive space, bright and dull colors, and smooth and rough textures. She writes that she draws inspiration from American abstract painters as well as Japanese landscape masters.

Pratt Museum

3779 Bartlett Street

Merged Lifestyles of Kachemak Bay, by Marian Beck

5-7 p.m., First Friday Reception

Halibut Cove artist Marian Beck was born in Seldovia. Owner of the Kachemak Bay Ferry, the M/V Danny J, the Halibut Cove Experience Gallery and, with husband Dave Beck, the Saltry Restaurant, Beck wrote and illustrated the classic Kachemak Bay cookbook, "Salmon Patties and Rosehip Pie." Her show reflects on her life in Halibut Cove, her relationship to the land of this region and to the waters of Kachemak Bay.

"Life on the Bay has so many chapters," Beck writes in her artist's statement. "Each of these 17 paintings represents the first line of a chapter, or even an entire book."