Story last updated at 2:06 p.m. Thursday, May 30, 2002

Winning wisdom
Dear Editor,

The week of April 29 through May 3 Chapman Elementary School had its red-ribbon week and hosted an essay and art contest. The topic for discussion was "Alcohol can drop the anchor on your dreams. What dreams do you have that alcohol can destroy or even kill?"

Cash prizes were awarded for the top-three entries and everyone walked away with a bag of goodies. The project was sponsored by the Homer Emblem Club. The first-place winner was Jacquelynn Uwekoolani. Here is an excerpt from her winning entry, "Dreams vs. Drugs."

"Dreams are wonderful things; they give kids reasons to live and learn, reasons to try their hardest to get where they want to go. They believe in their dreams and that they can make them come true. My dream is to go to college and become a pediatrician or a marine biologist. I know that I can make my dream come true. I can do this by studying hard, listening to my parents (though that is hard to do), and not getting involved with drugs or alcohol.

"Some people think that drinking and partying a lot isn't a problem, it's just fun, but I know better. Alcohol, drugs and partying are big problems. A lot of kids get sucked into them thinking they are just part of a regular kid's routine, but they can ruin their life."

Congratulations, Jacquelynn, and thank you Homer Emblem Club for your support of the area youth.

Dustin Franz, Kachemak Bay Youth in Action assistant

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