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Story last updated at 8:55 PM on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Class of 2011 celebrates achievements

Guest speaker: Duncan Wanamaker, retired math and science teacher, currently teaching on the adjunct math faculty for Kachemak Bay Campus, Kenai Peninsula College-University of Alaska Anchorage.

Valedictorian: Jody Gaines

Graduates: 78 on program with a few less participating in the commencement ceremony, 7 p.m. Monday.

Scholarships: Totaled $783,000

Advice from speakers, graduates, parents:

Guest speaker Duncan Wanamaker: Why not give diplomas in reverse alphabetic order? That way (graduates) Mitch Wyatt and Elisa (Zuarth-Grajales) for once in their lives would be first.

• Slow down. Pay attention to your intentions.

• Before you leave here tonight, thank your teachers. ... Thank your parents. ... The tassel is worth the hassle.

Graduate Kayla Phelps: Don't slack off. Don't let senioritis get to you. It's worth it.

Graduate Victoria Locklar: It's true that the last year goes faster than you think. Don't get behind.

Graduate Brandon Smith: Have fun your four years. Struggle through it and you'll make it.

Graduate Marine Brooks: Be true to yourself and enjoy it.

Graduate and exchange student Ella Priliandini of Aceh, Indonesia: Be yourself.

Graduate Cody Shealy: It might not seem like it is, but it's possible.

Mom Paul Frisinger to other parents: Hang in there.

Valedictorian Jody Gaines with classmates and graduates Kate Spence and Ben Handley, and Homer High Principal Allan Gee drawing from Queen's "We Are the Champions":

We are the champions, my friends,

And we'll keep on fighting

'Til the end.

We are the champions.

We are the champions.

We are the champions

Of the world.