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Story last updated at 10:36 PM on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There oughta be a law ...

On Sunday, May 18, my son (age 6) was bitten by my neighbor's dog. This occurred around 5:30 p.m. My children came to me asking if they could ride their bicycles. I approved and they proceeded to go outside to fetch bikes and helmets. I was inside and very shortly after they went out to get the bikes, I heard a dog growl followed by immediate crying from my son.

I went to the porch where the children were taking refuge and asked what happened. My daughter told me that Peyton was going to get on his bike and the dog ran from across the street, bit her brother, then ran back home. I went and showed the neighbor the dog bite and told her I was very unhappy.

She told me that her dog has bitten her children several times and that she didn't know what to do. This frustrated me further, because as parents it is our duty to protect our children. I went home and called the pound, the police and my trailer park's manager.

The officer took a statement from myself and my children. I showed him the bite. No pictures were taken by the officer of his bite or of the outside scene which was somewhat shocking as well. I was asked, after him having seen the bite, if he needed to go to the hospital. The wounds were not severe; there are several puncture marks and bruising. A hospital visit was not necessary. He informed me that he was going to find out if the dog was current on rabies vaccinations and then he left.

I went outside to look at the scene. I saw my son's bicycle at the end of the driveway and my daughter's was near to it. This indicated that the attack did indeed occur in our yard, that there was no lead up to the attack. The children were not antagonizing the dog nor intruding into its yard. The next day I took my own pictures of my son's arm for evidence.

As a parent, I wish that something more would be done regarding a dog who causes a threat to children in our community. I don't understand why the bite has to be severe or fatal before action is taken to eliminate the threat. I am disappointed that nothing is being done other than issuing a ticket to the owner. Giving her a ticket isn't going to keep the dog from biting any of our kids again.

Why do we have to wait for something more severe to happen before this is taken care of? Why doesn't Alaska have laws for these sorts of things. If this had happened in another state the dog would have been quarantined at least if not put down. My children have been bitten by this dog before and it is not going to stop. I am very upset, obviously. My intent is to get the word out and possibly create a reaction that will eventually turn into laws being formed.

Aubree Stedman