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Story last updated at 10:36 PM on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Support makes big difference

I am writing to extend our thanks to Homer Foundation's Youth Advisory Committee and the benefactors of the Ashley J. Logan Fund for support of Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula's Summer Institute.

Summer Institutes offer an opportunity for students from small, rural Kenai Peninsula schools to travel to Kenai Peninsula College in Homer to experience college life the campus, professors and a challenging curriculum for two weeks in early June. Summer Institutes provide academic enrichment in math, science and literacy, increase awareness of various in-demand careers, and give students a feel for what it might be like to attend college. Since it is the first time for many scholars to be on a college campus, Summer Institutes play a very important role in helping students envision and better prepare themselves for college matriculation.

PGKP's Summer Institute makes an impact on students, encouraging them to see beyond present circumstances, work up to their potential and make their graduation dreams come true. Homer Foundation Youth Advisory Committee likewise, through their philanthropic activities makes a huge impact on the lives of youth in our community. Thank you so much. Project GRAD is honored to receive your support.

Mike Petersen, executive director

Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula