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Story last updated at 10:34 PM on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving forward at senior center

I want to thank your paper for helping to gain more transparency in the operations of the Homer Senior Center. There was no place on the annual meeting agenda allowing any participation by the membership to express their thoughts, suggestions, motions and recommendations. We were able to break that barrier at the annual meeting on May 19 and we did have an excellent dialogue as a result. I believe and will hope we will not need to go through this same procedure for coming annual meetings.

I commend the excellent service of all the staff in all areas of the center's operations, and in helping make our lives better as seniors in our later years. Sue Samet was dismissed after only four months of service. She cared enough to come to the annual meeting. As executive director, I believe she left the center in better condition after only four months prior to being dismissed. I reviewed all of the special and regular board meetings' minutes and found no reference to any problems with her service.

And last but not least, I commend Brentley Keene, president, for conducting the meeting in a professional manner and answering many questions from the membership. It is my hope that after selecting three executive directors the last few years, that the new board will try working with and for whomever they select.

George Meeker