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Story last updated at 10:34 PM on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friendship Terrace: pleasant place

As a resident of Friendship Terrace, I have watched the recent turmoil associated with the administration of the place where we live.

Since the recent actions of the board of directors, I can hope that the turmoil will abate and positive happenings will prevail.

I wish to make clear that as anxious as some of us were about things beyond our control, at no time was our care in Friendship Terrace ever jeopardized, shorted or left undone by our caring staff.

I cannot express how strongly I feel that Friendship Terraceis a very pleasant place to live and I expect it is returning to the calm, cooperative, lovely environment that it has been. And I appreciate management's efforts to keep the ship "steady as she goes."

I did disagree with some of the actions of the board of directors and how such actions were taken. Now, I do understand better how some of the actions "came down."

Regardless of that, I recognize that members are on the board because they are sincerely interested and concerned in what is best for Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. They spend an enormous amount of time and effort doing the best job they can. They have my thanks.

Nelda Calhoun