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Story last updated at 6:23 PM on Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank you, cyclists

The Homer Cycling Club celebrated its two-year anniversary at the conclusion of Homers seventh annual Bike to Work Week. HCC would like to thank all of you who participated in any of the events throughout the week. I was especially pleased to attend the Homer City Council meeting, where Mayor Hornaday proclaimed cycling as not only a viable mode of transportation, but a legal vehicle.

So please, cyclists, behave yourselves. Stop at stop signs, use hand signals, and if you absolutely must ride on a sidewalk, walk it across intersections. With mutual respect I think we will find that our roads are plenty big enough for us all to share.

A special thanks goes out to Two Sisters Bakery for their support of Bike to Work Week. Even with lines out the doors, they supplied the energizer booths with trays of baked goods. Also, thanks to the city of Homer, the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center and Beluga Lake Lodge for hosting events throughout the week. HCC totaled nearly 50 paid members this year. Our first big event, the Big Fat Bike Festival, brought riders and family from all over the state, and endorsements from the biggest names in the game.

All this would not have been possible with a less dedicated crew. However, one member stands out and is deserving of public praise, as many before have awarded her. I can say with no doubt, that HCC would not be where it is today without Catriona Lowe. Thank you. I am proud to work with and learn from the experience you bring to everything you do. You are greatly appreciated, and so are the rest of you HCCers, past, present and future.

Chase Warren, vice president

Homer Cycling Club