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Story last updated at 6:19 PM on Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do right by your children

I have been a cab company owner and cab driver here in Homer for many years now. Several times in recent weeks myself or one of my drivers have responded to a call only to find a mother or father planning to ride in a taxi while holding an infant in their lap. Their stated reason for not having a child seat of their own and not asking us to provide one (which we are required by law to do if asked) is that it is inconvenient and time consuming to belt in the seat. I find that attitude appalling, and I am not even a parent.

What I find equally appalling is that some of these folks have told us they will just call a cab driver that they know will let them do it instead of taking the risk that they may have to take a few more minutes to properly ensure their child is safe.

Homers taxi fleet does have an excellent safety record considering the sometimes harsh conditions we operate in, but it is never OK to have an unsecured infant in a car. If there were to be a serious accident, or even just a sudden stop due to a moose in the road, a parents hands are no substitute for a seat belt and an infant seat.

Even if your cab driver is the safest driver in town, there are plenty of unsafe drivers in other cars, as anyone who has driven around Homer knows. In the winter there is snow and ice, in the summer there are visitors in enormous RVs who are distracted by the scenery and the wildlife.

Ask yourself if a few minutes of your time is too high a price to pay for a childs life? I think we can all agree that it is not. And to my peers in the taxi business: ask yourself if the five or 10 dollars you can get for driving these unsecured infants when other drivers refuse to do so is worth the risk to the physical safety of the child and, if you dont happen to care about that, the legal risk should the police see you doing so. Dont be like that, my friends. Safety should always be our top priority, well above and beyond making a fast buck.

Chris Fischer

Co-Owner/General Manager

Kachecab 24 hour Taxi Service