Story last updated at 3:55 p.m. Thursday, May 23, 2002

Port Graham proud of Homer grad
by Sepp Jannotta
Staff Writer

photo: news
Basil Meganack  
For Basil Meganack, getting to the stage of the Mariner Theatre for his high school graduation was a long road.

Meganack, who grew up in Port Graham, attended the kindergarten through 10th-grade school there, then took his junior year at Soldotna High School and finally finished at Homer High School.

He opted for Homer because it allowed him to be closer to home, where his family lives. Despite what was sometimes a difficult childhood <> Meganack's parents went through a tough divorce <> he said he feels very connected to his home town.

Meganack is a shy 18-year-old whose frequent response the world around him is to flash a disarming grin.

Sitting at the dinner table in the Skyline Bed and Breakfast, where he stayed during his senior year, Meganack nodded and grinned as he contemplated graduation. "I'm going to enjoy life out of school," he said. The grin elaborated his point perfectly.

Meganack said with high school behind him, he plans to chill in Port Graham for while and if the cannery opens, he'll work there.

"I think I'm just going to sit around for a while," he said, adding that after the summer he hopes to enroll in a trade school so he can pick up some skills.

More than anything, Meganack would like to become an electrician or work in construction.

Members of Meganack's family in Port Graham were pleased to see him get his degree.

"We are very proud of Basil," said Mary Malchoff, his aunt. "He went through some hard times and he's overcome a lot of obstacles."

Karen Cauble, who owns the Skyline Bed and Breakfast, was also proud.

"I expect us to be friends for a long time," Cauble said.