Story last updated at 3:51 p.m. Thursday, May 23, 2002

Keeper clarification
Dear Editor,

A recent Homer News article called me, the Cook Inlet Keeper, "a vocal critic" of the evolving gas pipeline project on the Lower Peninsula. I am writing to clarify that keeper in fact supports any effort to bring relatively cheap and clean natural gas to local homes and businesses. However, supplying local homes and businesses with natural gas has never been a serious objective for the project sponsors. Instead, the primary goal has always been to send Lower Peninsula gas north to Kenai, where (according to state records) nearly two-thirds of Cook Inlet natural gas gets shipped to overseas markets, primarily through the Agrium Fertilizer and Phillips LNG plants. I generally understand market forces, and I recognize that Unocal and Marathon can make more money shipping the gas north. But keeper's point has always been that the charade over local supply was just a pretty public relations blanket to wrap around a project designed to ship the majority of Lower Peninsula natural gas out of Alaska.

Bob Shavelson,

Cook Inlet Keeper


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