Story last updated at 3:51 p.m. Thursday, May 23, 2002

Concert reinforces students
Dear Editor,

Once again, Bill Searle and Mark Robinson, with the assistance of Julie Ann Smith, have orchestrated a fantastic Homer High School spring concert. All of their talents could not shine without the students, so a heartfelt thanks to the kids!

Music has been an integral part of humanity for ages. The positive effect that music has on our physical and mental well being has been known to the heart and soul throughout these ages. Science has finally caught up and proven the physical and mental benefits of music! Everything that a human being does involves timing and spatial relationships. What better way to build and reinforce the foundation for higher learning than through music and movement over the course of a K-12 school career?

Many of the students on stage for the spring concert have been in choir and/or band since the elementary grades. These programs for young students are the programs that feed the high school choirs and bands. Mr. Robinson and Mr. Searle are able to start with students that already have some experience, and can challenge them to new heights. Their resounding success was witnessed at the spring concert!

Music is good for the soul and good for a healthy community. I have heard that in the Central Peninsula area, music teaching positions have already been eliminated by the budget cuts. This means that in those schools, music instruction if it happens, will be an added responsibility to the classroom teacher.

Education costs money. It is a financially sound investment in the future of a child, a family and the community.

Jennifer Edwards