Story last updated at 3:51 p.m. Thursday, May 23, 2002

Bay community responded
Dear Editor,

Once again, the residents of Homer and other communities in Kachemak Bay have demonstrated their strong sense of place and connectedness to their local environment. Several hundred people, including science teachers, students and local and regional scientists and resource managers attended the Third Kachemak Bay Science Conference in April. They participated in this unprecedented opportunity to learn about the current science of your bay and watershed with its myriad linkages to "the bigger picture" from Alaska and Pacific Northwest researchers and to learn from the elders from Seldovia, Nanwalek and Port Graham who graciously shared their environmental observations and knowledge.

This event demonstrated what local environmental organizations and resource agencies can accomplish by pooling their resources and working together for a common educational purpose.

Staff from the Center for Alaska Coastal Studies, Cook Inlet Keeper, Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, Pratt Museum, the Nature Conservancy, Sound Fisheries and the University of Alaska Sea Grant program spent many hours planning and organizing the conference. These same organizations contributed needed funds and other resources.

Special thanks are due to local funders: the Homer Foundation, Chugach Regional Resource Council, and the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council, and to local businesses who donated services, Homer Ocean Charters and the Heritage Hotel. Their support was crucial to this outstanding community based science and education event.

Marilyn Sigman

Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies