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Story last updated at 8:07 PM on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Softball team closer to home after Southeast series last weekend

The Mariner softball team continues to float on an even keel, even as their record leveled out during five games in Southeast last Friday and Saturday.

Though their game got a bit sloppy, the girls are tight as ever after the invitational tournament in Sitka.

"The team is just so cohesive. It's rare to have a group of girls traveling together for four days and have no little dramas," Head Coach Bill Bell said.

Homer softball's record is now 8-7 overall and 4-0 in the Northern Lights Conference.

The Ms started out the latest non-league series with a 10-7 loss to Thunder Mountain Friday, followed with a 10-6 win over Kodiak.

On Saturday, the Mariners won another (5-0) and lost one (6-4) to Kodiak. They lost 10-3 to host Sitka. The Saturday games were played as 65-minute "drop dead" games so that they would count for fewer of allowable games under ASAA regulations. The timeframe didn't help the Ms win, as they tend to improve toward the end of games, but it was good practice for coming out strong when it counts.

"We did OK, we just weren't crisp and playing up to our potential," Bell said of the weekend overall.

He said the Mariner outfielders made some really nice catches and were complimented by other coaches on how hard they went for the ball. Centerfielder Alecia Stafford cleaned out one of the temporary fences trying to catch a home run hit.

Hannah LaRue and Brooke DeVaney were particularly successful at bat, hitting a couple that would have been over the fence at the home field.

After the long weekend away, Bell said the girls are really focused and ready to be back in conference play.

They beat Kenai 13-4 Tuesday and went to Skyview Wednesday.

They play Bartlett tomorrow at 7:45 p.m. (JV 6 p.m.) and face Chugiak at 2:15 p.m. (JV 12:30 p.m.) Saturday at Jack Gist Park off East End Road. Kodiak comes to town Wednesday for a 6 p.m. game (JV 4 p.m.).