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Story last updated at 9:26 PM on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Torture doesn't work

A word about torture. It doesn't work. If you torture me, I'd confess to anything you want. I'd tell you I beat my grandma if, with torture, that's what you wanted me to say. Neither is torture-obtained info reliable. I could tell you Mother Teresa beat my grandma. Dick Cheney used the tortured confession of Kalid Shake Muhammud to plotting 9/11 as a reason to start the "war on terror" and enter Afghanistan and Iraq. We ought to let him try out water boarding.

Torture was made illegal to the benefit of mankind in the Geneva convention treaty for good reasons; it doesn't work, it is a below the belt moral indignity and it's contrary to a hopefully ever improving human existence. Extraordinary rendition and Gitmo are still happening under the Obama administration monarchy/plutocracy. I wonder how the FEMA camps will treat our own citizens someday. Oh yeah, FEMA camps don't exist.

Freedom of speech intrinsically involves saying things that others may not like, understand or agree with. I wish to thank the stranger who walked up and gave me a franklin silver half dollar in thanks for my past letters to newspapers as well as others who expressed favorable opinions to me and newspapers who chose to print and not edit.

Update onFuchashima(since mainstream media is not touching): As of this writing, reactor No. 1 is now beginning full meltdown, No. 3 building is on verge of collapse, and smoke and steam emissions are visible in three reactors. Each reactor by itself has the potential radioactive emissions of several thousand nuclear Hiroshima bombs.

Rev. Richard Olson