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Story last updated at 9:27 PM on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Students appreciate food, new skills

This year Homer Flex High School was given an award by the Homer Foundation in support of the Food to Live By Project. The funds were used to buy fresh, organic produce from the Full Circle Farm. This project is where Flex students and chef volunteers from the community get together and cook healthy meals on a weekly basis for the school. This not only taught students about healthy food choices, but it also helped them learn new cooking skills.

Students really enjoyed this program. According to one student, "The lunches were healthier, fresher and 10 times better than normal school lunches. Also, I got to learn how to cook new things and got to work as a team to cook the meals for my school." Not only did students get to eat great food, but they learned cooking skills and healthy eating as well.

We would like to thank everyone for participating and working toward making our school better. We would specifically like to thank the following: Thanks to the Homer Foundation for the generous award. A special thanks to Tarri Thurmon for being the local organizer for Full Circle Farms, and for contacting and scheduling all the chefs. Also, we'd like to give a thanks to all the chefs: Pavel Mikhail, Sean Maryott, Sharon Loufa, and the Ionian community of Kasilof for volunteering their time to come to this school and cook for us. We also would like to thank Linda O'Brien from Full Circle Farms for coordinating the delivery of boxes, full of fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables. Without all of the help, this would not have been possible. Thank you very much.

Sonarae John, Homer Flex student

on behalf of Homer Flex staff and students