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Story last updated at 3:39 PM on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flex students tell stories in art

How wonderful to live in this great community that showcases our youth, and the myriad of creative endeavors afoot, even within school walls, even with No Child Left Behind. First Friday at Flex last week surprised me once again in it its delightful reminder that way more than the 3 Rs are thriving. We were treated to live music on stage, and more really talented musician students. There was poetry, profound and sharp in its descriptions of the world we adults have passed on, not always perfectly; life still thrives through our young people. Their messages ranged from ecstatic to tragic; what a privilege to hear it all.

We go forward together in our community. There was jewelry silver-smithed and beaded and pottery, raku or otherwise, telling the rich stories of the hands that made it. High school students are telling us their stories in this public forum, on stage. We need to know. We want to hear. We are honored that you would share them with us.

Sharon Whytal, RN