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Story last updated at 2:16 PM on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Homer's Best Bets


Photo by Michael Armstrong

Tire tracks in the snow on Rucksack Drive off Diamond Ridge Road show how much snow fell the night of May 9 and early May 10 in Homer.

There are many mysteries in the universe, Betsteroids. For example, why were there 5 inches of snow on the Betster's front porch last Thursday? Why was there frost on the windshield yesterday? Why did 6,400 sandpipers show up the day after the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival and only 900 last Saturday?

Nature is plain weird, that's why. Humans are pretty dang strange, too. There might be a cause and effect. We're really big nekkid apes trying to find our place in the world. Just when we think we've figured out how to live in a temperate climate, shazam, along comes the Ice Age.

No sooner did we adjust with furs and the amazing invention of fire, when things changed again and we got a warm climate. Now it's getting hotter, except where it's getting cold, like here. Hot, cold, hot, cold. It's like living in a house of teenagers who don't understand why the 'rents keep dialing back the thermostat.

Birds, bears, hares and moose all fit in somewhere in the grand complexity of the ecosystem. And us? Are we food for grizzlies? Are we like really smart termites changing and altering the landscape? Or are we a random aberration that the planet hasn't figured out what to do with yet?

Whew. Of such mysteries religions get made. This is all out of the Betster's pay grade. The Betster might not know humanity's place in the cosmos, but the Betster knows this. We have lots of cool things to do this week, like some of these Best Bets:

BEST BIG SANDLOT BET: Starting at 8 a.m. Sunday, Build Week for the Homer Playground Project gets going. Want to help? Work one of two shifts Sunday from 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. or 12:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. The project goes on through May 27, with more help needed for the big push to the end next weekend. Build, cook or watch volunteers' kids: there are lots of ways to help. See story, page 1.

BEST "ARGH MATEYS" BET: Stay in a boat without getting seasick or worrying about drowning? How cool is that? If you've been wanting to visit Alaska Adventure Cabin's eclectic cottages made from a boat and rail car, here's your chance. Owner Bryan Zak is the host of this month's Homer Chamber Mixer at the cabins on Baycrest Hill. The fun runs 5 to 7 p.m. today. Wasabi's caters — yum! — and there will be door prizes. Wear your XtraTufs cause there's some hiking involved.

BEST YOUR MUSEUM BET: If you've ever tried to entertain visitors on a rainy day, you already know this Best Bet: the Pratt Museum. Want to get an advance look? Celebrate International Museum Day with free admission from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday at the best little museum in all of Alaska.

BEST DOWN AND DIRTY BET: Put on your old clothes and hook up the hose, because it's time once again for the third annual Mud Games and The Wallow. Yup, it's a break-up tradition, where children of all ages (and adults, too) are invited to play in the mud, sand and water at The Wallow at Cottonwood Horse Park. Sponsored by Nature Rocks and Supporters of Cottonwood Horse Park, the mud fest runs 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday. A washing station is provided, but bring a set of clean, warm clothing to change into after play.

BEST LITTLE BUILD BET: Can't wait until Sunday for Build Week to do a little volunteer construction work? Help out at Paul Banks Elementary school when the PTA holds a work party Saturday to build a raised bed and shelving for its greenhouse so students can plant carrots and peas before school is out for the summer. The work party runs 10 a.m.-2 p.m.