Story last updated at 3:16 p.m. Thursday, May 16, 2002

Plate plethora for sale
In Eagle River, Elvis is for sale.

Actually 22 Elvises, to be exact.

Carol Bromley has been amassing collector plates, including the Elvis series, since she and her husband, Ray, were married. In 38 years, the couple has managed to fill their guestroom with some 350 plates, each in its own box, with its own certificate. The collection has traveled with the couple around the country and even to Europe.

"We've moved so much but none of them has been broken," Bromley said.

Now, much of the collection is for sale. The plates include scenes from movies such "The Sound of Music," special German plates, flowered Italian plates, the Voyage of Ulysses and Statue of Liberty plates.

Bromley said she wants to keep the sets of plates together. With each plate worth around $20, some sets of more than a dozen could cost a pretty penny.

Some of the favorite plates are just not for sale, though. The Scarlet O'Hara series, in particular, is off-limits, stored safely in a closet. "They only made so many," she said.

It will be hard to part with many of the plates, Bromley said, but the guest room is virtually useless with all the collectibles piled on the bed and around the room. She hopes to sell four or five dozen of the plates.

"I like the beauty of the plates," Bromley said, "but there's no place to hang all of these."

- Alaska Star