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Junior Achievement
Dear Editor,

Junior Achievement is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring young people about business and economics. The JA experience helps young people discover leadership, entrepreneurial and workforce readiness skills so they can achieve their highest potential and future successes as citizens in the global community. One program is called Project Business.

At Homer Middle School, we are fortunate to have volunteer consultants from the Homer business community coming to eighth-grade social studies classes to teach the Project Business curriculum called "Personal Economics." Each class has its own consultant who commits to eight sessions with the class. On behalf of the Homer Middle School community, I would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for donating time, expertise and enthusiasm to this program: Amy Baxter, Julie Woodworth, Kim Gilbert, Shari Daugherty, Wells Fargo Bank; Jolene Grady and Margarida Kondak, Kachemak Bay Title Agency; Jennifer Reinhart, Choices for Teens; and Alana Greear, parent and friend of Homer Middle School.

Duncan Wanamaker


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