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Story last updated at 9:28 PM on Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jubilee restores faith in future

The recent Jubilee Performance at the Mariner Theatre was another inspiring experience of our vital community that is fed and nurtured by the arts. And that vitality comes from parents and teachers who encourage and guide our children to participate in the arts, children who say "yes" to the opportunities, community members who volunteer endless hours to make it all happen, a radio station and newspapers that believe in the importance of art, and a community of artists of all types who are driven to create despite all the challenges.

Research has proven that participation in the arts improves self-esteem, school test scores, problem-solving skills and communication skills. Participation in the arts helps to develop healthy children and bring communities together with the shared experience that transcends differences.

Several people came up to me this week expressing hope in our future after watching our children perform in Jubilee. These children have courage, a sense of value, commitment, discipline and a desire to experience joy, satisfaction and a striving for what is possible.

Thank you, Homer, for supporting the arts and supporting our children in the arts. Thank you, Diane Borgman, for bringing Jubilee to Homer and directing the production. Thank you, Cherish McCallum, for your fabulous stage production and stage crew: Pat and Janet McNary and Lynn Spence. Thank you to all the volunteers involved behind the scenes, ushering and selling tickets. And thank you to the Homer Bookstore for your ceaseless effort in selling tickets. What a village we are and what awesome kids we have that bring light and hope into this world.

Gail Edgerly, executive director

Homer Council on the Arts