Story last updated at 1:41 p.m. Thursday, May 9, 2002

Food Services Scores
The Department of Environmental Conservation inspected the following food service establishments. Based on a maximum score of 100, businesses are assigned negative points for various health code violations. Emphasizing that a score of 100 reflects adherence to minimum levels of sanitation, DEC has established the following rating: 100-90 is good; 89-85 is acceptable; 84-70 is marginal; and less than 70 is unacceptable. The establishment is closed until violations are corrected and a re-inspection is made.

Establishments with a rating of "RF" received a risk focused inspection. In addition to other criteria, these inspections focus on the establishment's food handling practices. Any practices which might lead to food borne illness are identified and corrected immediately. This type of inspection is currently conducted at establishments with more complex food processes, but will ultimately replace the scored inspection form. DEC intends to post inspections instead of scores on its Website when this transition takes place. An example of a risk focused inspection form is available at or call (907) 451-2120. Food Services Scores for area restaurants for March 2002: Duncan House, RF; The Connelly House Bar, 100; The Connelly House Food Service, RF; Anchor River Bar, Anchor Point, 99; Anchor River Inn Restaurant, Anchor Point, RF; Chapman Elementary School Kitchen, Anchor Point, 100; Bay Club, 99; West Homer Elementary Food Service, 100; Young's Downtown Inn, RF;