Story last updated at 1:39 p.m. Thursday, May 9, 2002

Student News
Congratulations to the following students graduating or completing certificates from Kachemak Bay Branch, Kenai Peninsula College, University of Alaska Anchorage:

General Education Diploma: Matthew B. Alred, Alisha Attwood, Maria A. Basargin, Mark F. Basargin, John A. Boerrigter, Sarah J. Brooks, M. Ryan Brown, Lacy Burgan, Ezra D. Butters, Patricia R. Case, Marietta Chukwak, Camille Cooper, Brandon M. Craddock, Jennifer L. Dodds, Roy C. Dodds, Kristen M. Gould, Rod Hahnlen, Joshua Harrington, A. Chelsea Hutchins, Julie F. Ivanov, Brian Jones, Varvara V. Kasachev, Anastasia N. Kasachev, Angel G. Lay, Dan A. Luciano, George A. Matveev, Barton R. Mulder, Michael Murphy, Daniel K. Norton, Daria A. Polushkin, Raina A. Randall, Anthony Z. Reutov, Joseph Riggs, , Gary Shearer, Joel R. Sinnhuber, Toby T. Thomas, , Michelle Troutman, Shawnisty D. Webber, Greg Yakunin; Associate of Applied Science in Fire Service Administration: Stephen R. Boyle, Christi L. Horst; Associate of Applied Science in Human Services: Renee M. Weddle; Associate of Applied Science in Small Business Administration: Penny L. Moore ; Associate of Arts, Meriam Deutschle Olson, summa cum laude; Joelynn Mary Eastman, Julie E. Goodwin, magna cum laude; Melody C. Martin, cum laude; Rhoda Lynn Roedl; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Michael S. Dirks, cum laude; Jennifer K. Reinhart, magna cum laude; Bachelor of Elementary Education: Sally M. Peterson, cum laude; Marie Walls Alexson, Stephanie Zuniga; Master of Arts Early Childhood Special Education: Rebecca K. Paul; Certified Nursing Assistant, Summer 2001 Class: Sandra K. Alborn, Sarah N. Kimbrell, Marfa S. Kusnetsov, Sandy Martushev, Debra A. Moore; CAN, Fall 2001 Class: Abe Alborn, Joyce A. Chapman, Vanessa J. Fisk, David P. Flower, Frances L. Herber, Peggie R. Huff, Roger A. Jones, June A. Parker-Wing, Lori A. Post, Rachel Runyon; CNA, Spring 2002 Class: John E. Alman, Mavra A. Basargin, Arinda R. Brooks, Michael S. Dirks, Lisa D. Gillette, Kristen M. Gould, Hannah L. Heimbuch, Robert Howard, Sandra L. Jasken, Frances Moore, Sarah A. Morphis, Agripina Polushkin.

MaryAnn Stea Chisholm has graduated with a Bachelor Science in nursing from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Karen McManus and Colleen McManus-Sisk graduate Sunday from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. McManus received the Outstanding Education Student of the Year award last weekend and graduates Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in education. McManus-Sisk receives a B.A. in social work. They are the daughters of Cindy and Dave McManus and Homer High School graduates.

Ryjil Christiansen, a Homer High School graduate and a junior at UAF, received the Women's Studies Student of the Year award last weekend in Fairbanks.

Homer High School student Libby Bushell won the local TrigStar Award by scoring 100 percent on a national trigonometry test administered by the Kenai Chapter of the Alaska Society of Professional Land Surveyors. She was one of four out of 307 Alaska students from 18 high schools to receive 100 percent marks in the timed test. Tie scores are settled by fastest time winning, and Bushell took third in the statewide competition behind two Bartlett High School, Anchorage students, Matt Dougherty and Michelle Stefens. Homer students Stefan From-Mueller, Kacey Shupp and Jared Szajkowski had the next highest scores from Homer. From-Mueller was one of six students statewide scoring 95 or better and Shupp one of six with 90 or better.


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