Story last updated at 2:06 p.m. Thursday, May 9, 2002

State chastises annex letter
by Joel Gay
Staff Writer

An open letter to Kachemak City property owners warning them that they are next in line for annexation by or merger with Homer has drawn a correction from the Department of Community and Economic Development.

Citizens Concerned About Annexation's letter asks for money to continue fighting the recent annexation, which, the letter states, "sets you up for a forced merger."

In fact, wrote Patrick Poland, director of the Division of Community and Business Development, no such proposal is pending, and while it is theoretically possible, no Alaska municipality has annexed or merged with another without a vote.

The CCAA letter continues that the department "stated flat out ... that Homer and Kachemak City should merge. All Homer has to do is submit a petition and the Local Boundary Commission will approve it!"

Poland called the first statement incorrect and the second "speculative and unsupported."


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