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Story last updated at 10:56 PM on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You are awesome

Today my horoscope said that I should take stock in myself and shout out loud that "I am awesome." I took this to heart and did so. I do not have a belief in the astrological destinies that horoscopes portend but many times they seem to hold true.

I am a man of intelligence, logic, conscience and self-realization. This sounds like one is blowing one's own horn, but we have to believe in self if we are to advance our lives.

All life paths are filled with ups and downs and we are all given individual talents that should provide us with a sense of self-worth.

A person with a vision and no money is still left with a dream. Believe you are awesome, shout it out to the cosmos, and your world will become a better place.

Jim Mikesell


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