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Story last updated at 10:56 PM on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Questions that need answers

Does the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) get on anyone else's nerves lately? They plan to raise the "safe" limits of radioactivity in food, water and soil, as the following: 1,000 fold increase in levels of Strontium 90, a 3,000-100,000 increase for Iodine 131, a 2,500 times increase with Nickel 63, all without public input (the EU to follow suit).

Many of EPA's monitoring stations are refusing to report levels of the more deadly radioisotopes: cesium, uranium and plutonium.There is no safe level of radiation exposure.

The EPA just legalized a new pesticide called Methyl Iodide in California to be used on one of my favorite foods, strawberries. The safe level of vitamin D deficiency was considerably lowered.

EPA mandates thatin labeling or advertising the seller cannot say whether or not the item is aGMO (genetically modified organism). I feel I have a right to know what is in food I eat, how it is made or who made it. Advertisers and business owners should have the right to inform us with labeling or otherwise. Same goes for irradiated, radioactive or growth hormone contaminated foods.

One other question I feel inclined to ask is: Why doesn't mainstream media cover better the issues I bring up?

Richard Olson