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Story last updated at 10:55 PM on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden is dead; fire TSA

We American dreamers awaken to shame. We are living in a time when personal traumas and family values, must, by necessity, be put on back burners in order to survive the coming threats to us all (if humanity survives). Corexit is still being spewed into the Gulf disaster causing "Gulf Syndrome." As if "Corexit" has been a successful solution to the continuing leakage, and also because, Fukushima presents a far greater disaster to the entire world, the Gulf doesn't even get a plug (no pun intended).

Oh great. We finally got the worst terrorist of all ages. Shot, killed and dumped in the ocean so everyone can see we got him. Osama Bin Laden is dead. It will sure be nice if he can stay dead this time.

Some folks were killed for knowing he's been dead since 2002, but we inventive Americans just kept him alive in case we needed some sort of closure to the illegal war we created in the Middle East. It will make the next election more palatable for the hero who done kilt our enemy (sorry, it's the dumbing down affect).

A truck driving friend in Oklahoma just sent pictures he took on his route through Alabama. Wealthy neighborhoods of brick homes flattened. Mother Nature doesn't seem to care if you are rich or poor.

Why do we? No one is safe anywhere on this planet. The planet is alive, and going through growing changes of its own. Huge chunks of earth are on the move as we plan our every day lives, oblivious to reality.

Everyone should be getting bouts of dizziness, vertigo, headaches, bone aches, shooting pains in strange areas of the body because our mother ship is doing her "spiritual bathing" and anything on the surface of her could be, like George Carlin said, shook off like a bad case of fleas on a dog. Whew. Just keeping things in perspective.

We may not make it to 2012. All this killing and warring with other countries may not even matter, so ya'll warmongers are just gonna have to get over it. Who do you think has to clean up this mess anyway?

My bet is, the best medicine will be prayer and lots of it. With all the money the establishment has collected off the citizens over the years to keep us all safe from "you name it," only goes to prove, our government has totally failed us. It can't save anyone. It can only take our money, fondle our bodies at the airport and erase our DNAs.

Maka Fairman