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Story last updated at 3:31 PM on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Artist provides valuable lessons

Recently the students of West Homer Elementary were fortunate to receive quality art instruction from Sandy Gillespie, our guest Artist in the School. During Sandys residency she stressed the importance of the written word and visual art as forms of communication. Each child was valued as an author and creator of their own personal identity as they created folded books that held their wishes, dreams and ideas.

Scrolls were then dipped in beeswax which gave students wishes a sense of permanency. Students enjoyed the freedom to create in a different way and came away from the experience with a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Without the support from the Alaska State Council on the Arts, Homer Foundation, Jazzline, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and the Rasmuson Foundation who partner with Bunnell Street Arts Center to sponsor our Artist in the School programs these experiences wouldnt be possible. On behalf of the students and staff of West Homer Elementary School we are truly grateful for these opportunities that broaden our experiences and enrich our lives. Thank you.

Melissa Cloud

Artist in the Schools coordinator