Story last updated at 11:50 a.m. Thursday, May 2, 2002

Homer Emblem Club tops in the state
The Homer Emblem Club was recently honored at a state convention in Petersburg and several members and projects were recognized.

The local club, which has 177 members, was named Club of the Year by the Alaska State Association of Emblem Clubs at its April 17-21 conference. The club also received second in the state for Americanism, third for community service, first for literacy efforts and first for drug awareness programs.

Local member Phillis Kolbeck was named president of the state organization, while Wanda Baxter won an award for her work as a press correspondent.

Ten members of the local club, including Kolbeck, Baxter, Shari Daugherty, Connie Whitehorn, Cindy McManus, local president Kathy Van Sandt-Barger, Fran Van Sandt, Joan Evans and former Homer resident Pat Sweiven all attended the event.

"It was very informative, and I met a lot of great people," Baxter said. "It's a good opportunity because everyone sees how they can better improve their club."

Baxter said the group was overjoyed to receive the statewide recognition, and cheered loud enough for everyone when they found out.

"We all stood up and wahooed," she said.

Van Sandt, the state organization's fifth president, said the statewide organization helps connect clubs and allow them to share ideas.

The Homer Emblem Club promotes and sponsors a wide variety of activities around the community such as purchasing books for school reading competitions, funding scholarships and drug awareness programs.