Story last updated at 12:41 p.m. Thursday, May 2, 2002

Dancing for the fund

Dear Editor,

Thanks to all you anonymous folks who have kindly donated to the Stranded Artist's Fund. This last week our school, Fireweed Academy, enjoyed a wonderful jazz dance workshop with the infamous Jocelyn Shiro. The Stranded Artist's Fund provided her with a grant to work within the school system. This has and will continue to provide many students with an incredibly enriching experience.

This past week we have danced with Jocelyn as well as performed for our parents. All the kids here have enjoyed this workshop very much, even the ones who normally will not participate in the other workshops we have had. We all agree that this has been our most demanding physical education, but we also agree that this has been one of our most fun P.E.s. It is nice to know that we have such a wonderful group as the Stranded Artist's Fund that provide support to people with wonderful talents in the Homer area.

The Stranded Artist's Fund has, and will, help many people to do new and exciting things. If you have not, please think about donating to this wonderful cause. It helps expose children and adults every day to new art, media and other wonderful ideas. Thank you to all who have made this possible!

Amelia Robertson and Kelsey Waldorf, for the students at Fireweed Academy