Story last updated at 12:22 p.m. Thursday, May 2, 2002

Huber nomination opposed

Dear Editor,

As residents of the Kenai Peninsula, we need your help in stopping the confirmation of Brett Huber of Soldotna to the Alaska Board of Fisheries. We feel strongly that he is not appropriate for the Board of Fisheries for the following reasons:

At the salmon summit in Kodiak there were more than 100 individuals representing all sectors of the salmon industry who came together in a common cause of revitalizing our salmon resources. New thoughts and management practices very well may be in the future if this industry is going to recover. Mr. Huber did not attend, even though other nominees to the Board of Fisheries were in attendance. If Huber was concerned about the future of the commercial salmon industry he should have attended the salmon summit.

Over 600 residents of the Kenai Peninsula have personally taken the time to write senators and representatives asking them not to confirm Mr. Huber. These written comments come from the commercial guides, commercial fishermen, processors, business and just everyday Joe Fisherman. A lits of 152 people each paid $10 to contribute to a full-page newspaper expressing displeasure with Mr. Huber and his views of salmon management. This group included 11 retired fishery biologists and former Board of Fisheries members.

Fish and Game advisory groups in Anchorage and here on the Kenai Peninsula have also opposed Mr. Huber and his views of salmon management. Just recently our local native community has also publicly opposed the nomination of Mr. Huber to the Board of Fisheries.

In short, Mr. Huber's nomination is a desperate move by two or three Anchorage politicians to promote an anti-commercial fishing agenda. Mr. Huber represents poor salmon management ideas and practices that are not in the best interest of Alaskans or the salmon resources. Your Senators and Representatives need to stop the confirmation of this individual to the Board of Fisheries.

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Roland R. Maw, Kasilof