Story last updated at 12:22 p.m. Thursday, May 2, 2002

Singing praises

Dear Editor,

Wow! What a community we live in! Having just returned from taking 70 students and adults to sing in Carnegie Hall and tour New York City, and having just finished a community production of the Mozart Requiem with 240 musicians on stage, I am overwhelmed by the depth of community support we have received. Both singing the Mozart Requiem here and in Carnegie Hall will certainly rate at the very top of my personal and artistic experiences. So many people, with such genuine interest and energy was inspirational to me. The project took on a life of its own and became for me a pure unmitigated joy. When we performed here two weekends ago, so many came to sing, play and listen that it felt like a complete community happening.

Thank you one and all for your generosity of spirit, time, money, commitment and self. Your willingness to support each other in our collective endeavors, is for me, a wonder and a joy. Thank you.

I would be remiss if I did not note a few errors in recent publications concerning the Requiem. First, we forgot to list the cello section of the orchestra! Ouch! We certainly could not have done the Mozart without the wonderful talents of Lisa Schallock, Larissa Cochran and Jeanne Mabray. Furthermore, we somehow failed to list the following significant contributors in our recent thank-you advertisement. Ouch again! Thank you so much: Beverly Jones, Ed Tussey, Art Shop Gallery, Michelle LaFraniere, and NBA Insurance Services for generous contributions to our Raffle. Thank you Gig's Beads and Things, and Susan Cushing, for wonderful contributions to our fund-raising auction. And thank you NOMAR for contribution to our trip supplies.

Thank you one and all,

Mark Robinson, Artistic Director, Mozart Requiem Project