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Story last updated at 8:41 PM on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Saudi king to blame for gas prices

Why is gas almost $5 per gallon? Because the king of Saudi Arabia wants it at that price. Saudi's control over half of the known oil reserves, and by increasing or decreasing production, they control the price. Why does the king of Saudi Arabia want high gas prices? Because he wants the U.S. economy to fail, so President Obama won't be re-elected.

Why doesn't the king want Obama re-elected. Because the king is a fascist dictator, and he wants fascists to regain control of the U.S., so there won't be support for democracy movements in Egypt, Bahrain and especially Saudi Arabia.

A few years ago the king was shown holding hands with George Dumbya while tiptoeing through the tulips in Texas. The king and Wahhabi Saudi royal family want to go back to those good old days, and preventing U.S. economic recovery is the quickest way to do that.

What can be done to lower gas prices? Encourage democracy movements in Saudi Arabia, and make it clear to the king he is headed down the same road as Mubarak in Egypt if he keeps oil prices high.

Frank Vondersaar