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Story last updated at 8:42 PM on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little story about beautiful village

Once there was a beautiful village by the sea. The people were as diverse and colorful as wildflowers. They played and sometimes bickered like wise children, content in their differences. In the summer they fished in the bountiful ocean and grew abundant gardens. In winter they played, making lovely and useful objects to sell to one another, skiing through the ancient forest, feasting and generally celebrating life together on the edge of the mysterious wild. They honored one another and the diversity of life that shared their world.

The people had open hearts and open faces. They welcomed strangers and delighted in sharing the beauty and abundance of their lives. Many came, saw the beauty, and joined the villagers. However there were others who perceived the simplicity and openness of the people and the glory of their land as an opportunity. These flimflam folks settled like flies, quietly laying unwholesome eggs to hijack the generosity of the town.

Their vision was not of sustainable lifestyle but of empire and power. They set up competitions to catch the biggest fish; they bought the land for "development" and assumed control of the infrastructure, pushing through rules that made the villagers pay for things that did not serve the common good.

They siphoned vast resources from the people to change the little community hospital into a resort magnet, staffing it top-heavy with their own administrators who produced nothing but fed off the people. They outsourced community jobs and hid the real costs in spreadsheet. They gave nothing back, but fed and fed and fed until the confused people were destitute and had to sell their little homes and boats and move away.

Maka Fairman