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Story last updated at 8:38 PM on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good reasons to be suspicious

Snake-oil salesmen are touting (again) the Knik Arm Bridge followed by the gas bullet line and the latest Susitna dam. Why am I suspicious?

Find the common denominator among the following six Alaska projects: Delta Barley Project (oh, yes, and the dock waiting patiently to load foreign grain ships); Point McKenzie Dairy Project; Healy Electrical Generation Plant; Anchorage Municipal Dock; Anchorage Fish Processing Facility (now Changepoint Church); and the new Goose Creek prison (should we operate it at a sharp loss or simply tear it down?).

For Alaska promoters and politicians to ask Alaskans to swallow the bait on yet another boondoggle is like Elizabeth Taylor telling us that husband No. 7 would bring her love and happiness.

Jack Polster


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