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Story last updated at 8:39 PM on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cab Driver Appreciation Day set

It's spring time and Kharacters would like to appreciate our cab drivers for another long year of service to our community. We invite you to participate in our annual Cab Driver Appreciation Day on May 9.

Many people do not realize that our cabbies do not get an hourly wage. They actually pay a lease every 12-hour shift, pay for gas and car cleaning. A typical shift costs around $100 before they even start to make a profit.

We appreciate our cab drivers because they help to keep drunk drivers off the road, help elderly and disabled people with their errands, transport tourists and even get our kids to and from school.

This is not to mention the less pleasant experiences our drivers go through. Fares that have no money upon destination, no shows at pick ups, drunks, inappropriate solicitations and bodily mis-functions to name a few.

Kharacters currently has manila envelopes behind the bar with each driver's name on them. Please stop by and drop off a token of appreciation for your favorite drivers. (Gift cards, notes, drink chips etc.) Also, you may donate to the general draw bag of prizes. Every driver gets something.

Monday, May 9, from 6-8 p.m., Kharacters will be hosting a party with food, Cabbie Kwiz Kontest and dispersal of gifts. We invite you to stop in and we thank our taxi drivers for contributing to the welfare of our community.,

Eve Cook