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Story last updated at 3:52 PM on Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Homer woman wins Mrs. Alaska pageant



Photo by Renee Vanni

Homer resident Vicki Sarber, who was recently crowned Mrs. Alaska, poses with her husband, Greg, and their three children.

For Vicki Sarber of Homer the title of "Mrs. Alaska America" now joins the number of other proudly worn names. It's a list that includes Mrs. Chief Cook, Mrs. Designated Kid Driver and Mrs. Head House Cleaner.

With her family cheering in the audience, the lifelong Alaskan was crowned Mrs. Alaska on March 31 in Anchorage. The pageant is an annual celebration that works to recognize the married women of Alaska and highlight family values with glamour and respect.

"I kept saying, 'wow.' It was the only word that came to mind," said Sarber, remembering the pageant crowning. "I felt so flattered and honored, because I knew how really neat all the ladies were."

The pageant contained an "active wear" showcase, an evening gown presentation where contestants were escorted across stage by their husbands and, most importantly, an interview with the panel of judges.

Mrs. Alaska America acts as a preliminary to the nationally televised Mrs. America, which was created by David Marmel and his wife 36 years ago. The Marmels later expanded to the international stage with Mrs. World which currently hosts contestants from over 50 countries. The venue for this year's Mrs. America pageant has yet to be announced.

Vicki and her husband, Greg, moved with their three kids to Homer from Anchorage last summer. The Sarbers enjoy family activities like walking on the beach and volunteering at local school and community projects.

Vicki said her decision to enter the pageant came after celebrating her 40th birthday. She was the second oldest woman out of 18 contestants.

"My life isn't going to get any less crazy or hectic," she said.

With children ages 9, 8 and 2, Vicki said that 99 percent of her life is kid related.

Rita Corwin, the executive director of Mrs. Alaska America, said all top five contestants were capable of achieving the title but Vicki "had that special something the judges felt would make the difference." Corwin also commented on the cohesiveness of this year's Mrs. Alaska Class.

"All the women were there to learn and grow, not just to win the title," said Corwin.

One of Vicki's favorite moments of the pageant was seeing her husband win the Handsome Husband award.

"He is my biggest fan, win or lose he is the one who makes me feel beautiful," she said. "I told my husband that winning the title of 'Mrs. Alaska' is great, but I've already been wearing the best title for twelve years, 'Mrs. Sarber.'"

Her husband will accompany Vicki to the Mrs. America Pageant.

"I'm gonna be a fish out of water," said Greg. "But I'm going to support her and go down there. My responsibility is to escort her across the stage without stepping on her dress."

Greg said that while Vicki may have a tiara and banner in her closet, she is just like every other Alaska woman.

"She represents the average Alaskan woman well," said Greg.

Updates, upcoming events and pictures of Vicki's reigning year can be found on her official Mrs. Alaska America 2012 Facebook page.

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