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Story last updated at 4:05 PM on Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Setting the record straight

As most of my local running friends are aware, the story in last weeks Homer News about my Boston Marathon performance was erroneous and, though officially qualified and registered, due to injury, I did not, in fact, run the Boston Marathon on April 16.

The time posted in my name was that of a ghost runner who ran with my race bib, which he acquired when a friend of an East Coast friend picked up my race packet for me, so that I could at least enjoy having a 2012 Boston Marathon shirt as a souvenir of my entry. (The $150 entry fee is not refundable and cannot be deferred or transferred to another runner). By not explicitly forbidding my friend to pass on the official race bib, I ultimately bear responsibility for this embarrassing gaffe.

I never intended to have a race time posted under my name and, while I have run a slightly faster finishing time than this previously in Boston, it was 9 years ago and under much less trying weather circumstances.

To have a time posted under my name that placed me near the top 1 percent of my peers is preposterous and demeans the honestly remarkable performance of truly elite 60 year olds who took on the field of competitors that very hot day.

My sincere apologies to readers of the Homer News, local runners and the community of runners everywhere.

Randy Wiest