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Story last updated at 4:05 PM on Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recycling electronics responsibly

By the end of the Electronic Recycling event on Saturday, Homer will have recycled approximately 100,000 pounds of stuff over the last four years. Thats about 40 cars, piled one on top of another. And much of that is copper, lead and some gold metals that were extracted somewhere in the world and have now reached a mid-point in their useful life here in Homer.

Fortunately, these metals can be recycled. In fact, the United States currently recycles approximately 1.5 million tons of copper each year, which compares favorably to Pebble mines planned estimated production of only 0.7 million tons per year.

Of course, Homer by itself cant pretend to recycle enough copper to eliminate the need for an open-pit mine in Bristol Bay, but we can do our part, and perhaps the rest of the United States can recycle enough to make such a mine unnecessary.

So, I will be in the short line Saturday recycling my electronics in a responsible way see yall there.

Robert Burns


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