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Story last updated at 4:08 PM on Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hospice says thanks

On behalf of Hospice of Homers board of directors, staff, volunteers and clients, it is my pleasure to thank the city of Homer and The Homer Foundation for the recent generous grant hospice was awarded. The city grant is especially appreciated as Hospice of Homer continues to experience increasing demands for the services we provide in midst of challenging economic times.

Hospice of Homer will use the grant monies to cover some of the ever-increasing general operating expenses. For example, a portion of the funds will offset storage costs for equipment used in our free of charge medical loan equipment program. In 2011, hospice loaned out almost 900 pieces of equipment. I am guessing that some of you who are reading this letter borrowed some of that equipment. Be sure to let the city manager, city council, etc. know how much you value this service and that you support the city of Homer grant program for non-profits.

As a small nonprofit, Hospice of Homer feels very fortunate to have a city that recognizes the value of such organizations and backs up that belief with financial support, and for having a strong local foundation with the skills and desire to administer the City Grants Program. Be sure to let them know you value their efforts and the grant program.

If you are interested in information about Hospice of Homer services, becoming a Hospice volunteer or making a direct financial donation to Hospice of Homer, please give us a call at 235-6899.

Darlene Hilderbrand

Executive director

Hospice of Homer