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Story last updated at 6:35 PM on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Political correctness brings racism

In the course of events, one thing seems to have reached an impasse. The current administration is hell bent to not actually fix the issues facing our country, but finding ways to blame the previous administration.

On health care: There is always some ambulance chasing law firm advertising that they will get you a large cash reward for a hip replacement, or for some accident that you were involved in at sometime in your life, and the doctor was obviously a quack, so you need to sue him for malpractice.

Drug firms tell us we all need to be on some form of medication, and a year later, some law firm is suing that drug company for the use of that medication. The biggest health care crises facing our country are frivolous lawsuits. Doctors pay huge fees to cover malpractice insurance, and therefore must charge more to those they serve; it's just a vicious circle.

"Political correctness" has brought us all these wonderful little treasures in our life. Not the least of which is racism.

Racism? Don't believe me? Let's investigate. I know a couple of people that were born and raised in Africa. They now live in America, but they do not fall under the label of "African-American." Why? Because they are white. You can only be an African-American if you are black. So the label African-American means black only, which means the term African-American is a racist term. It doesn't apply to all persons, who may or may not be from Africa, but only describes a black person. My family tree goes way back in this country and also from across the Atlantic. American Indian/Welsh.

Thanks all the same, but I don't want your liberal invoked, politically correct racist labels.

Phil Celtic