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Story last updated at 6:36 PM on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A tale of discarded electronics

When my owner tossed me into a box last May I was really bummed. I mean, I had served him well for eight years, charging his cell phone faithfully week after week so that he could stay in touch with his friends and now this. And the box was in a lonely part of the garage, cold and often dark brrrr.

But then in June I got some company, a nifty looking LCD flat-screen monitor and our owner muttering something about how "things that break a month after the warranty runs out." In July an old tape recorder joined us in the box (anybody out there remember "tapes"?) and we were moved to a more convenient place near the front of the garage.

After that it seems like every month we got more company a non-digital TV, a remote, a VHS recorder, a couple of defunct radios, an old toaster. And then last month things started to get crowded as DISH offered free HD and their old satellite receivers and DVRs joined us in our over-flowing box.

Fortunately I hear that Homer will be having its annual Electronic Recycling Event on Saturday at Spenards from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. I hope to see lots of my electronic buddies there.

Written on behalf of my unfaithful,

ex- owner, Bob Burns