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Story last updated at 6:41 PM on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homer's Best Bets

Now that spring has come, the Betster has noticed a curious thing. Everyone seems to have gone to Paris. The Paper Girl? Quit her job to go to Paris. The artist who runs everything at the gallery? Sorry, she's in Paris now and can't help you. On the Betster's Facebook page, people keep posting photos of Paris. There are photos of trees in bloom by Notre Dame cathedral, classic Citroens by the Arc de Triumphe and gorgeous men and women sipping espressos at street side cafes.

Yes, it's April in Paris. Holy Sacre Bleu! The Betster wants to run away to Paris, too. Why not? Even though Parisians speak through their nose and French politics is the only thing weirder than this Alaska Legislature, you have to admit Paris has a lot of charm. Wide boulevards. Sidewalk cafes. Neat buildings. A big river. More landmarks than New York City. Oh, and those gorgeous men and women. Sure, Michelle Obama is pretty easy on the eyes, but have you seen the French First Lady? Carla Bruni is drop-dead gorgeous and was a model.

As we wait for the mud to thaw, Paris looks pretty darn good right now. It's far away. It has great wine, good cheese and a nice subway. It's sort of like New York City without the attitude. Well, a different attitude, anyway. If you go to Paris, you can have a big romantic relationship, and when it doesn't work out, like Bogart in "Casablanca," you can say, "We'll always have Paris."


Photo by Michael Armstrong

Members of the Homer Cycling Club ride in memory of Anchorage bicycle commuter William Curry last Friday afternoon on the Sterling Highway. Curry died April 5 in a collision with a car at C Street and Tudor Road in Anchorage. "We are showing solidarity with fellow bike commuters and offering our condolences to friends and family," the club said in a press release. The Homer ride was in concurrence with a ride by Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage, who rode Curry's route from work to a ghost bike memorial at C Street and Tudor Road.

Nobody says that about Homer as they're waiting to fly away to America one step ahead of the Nazis. "We'll always have Homer." Huh. That would make a good movie, though. Man meets woman at the Salty Dawg. Man and woman fall in love. Woman discovers her Tea Party activist husband she thought dead really didn't die. Man runs away to Halibut Cove to set up a floating gambling joint and espresso bar. Woman comes back. Things get complicated.

Soon enough, once the mud dries up, the shorebirds return and the wildflowers bloom, Homer will be Paris. Visitors will wander through town looking at all the gorgeous men and women sipping espressos on the Spit, and forlorn people in the Lower 48 sweating in 100-degree heat will say, "Let's run away to Homer."

But you're already here, and as you know, just like Paris, there's always something to do, like these Best Bets:

BEST SWEET SOIL BET: It's a little early to plant, but not too early to dream of those luscious vegetables at the Farmers' Market. Help the market out with a fundraiser and silent auction with a showing of "Dirt! The Movie" at 6 p.m. today at the Homer Theatre.

BEST SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED BET: Mix it up with business friends for the monthly Homer Chamber of Commerce mixer from 5-7 p.m. today at the Kevin Bell Ice Arena. Learn about the arena and network. The ice is out, so you won't have to wear your fancy parky.

BEST GO GO BET: Celebrate Earth Day events this week with Let's G.O.! — that's "Get Outside" — activities. At 6:30 p.m. today and Friday, watch "Play Again," a documentary about media-addicted kids who head out into the Oregon wilderness. Connect with other families for outdoor play starting at 10 a.m. Friday with a growing family nature clubs workshop at the Alaska Island and Ocean Visitor Center. Stay for lunch and then check out local wild play zones.

BEST BACK TO THE GRIND BET: Have an old Windows 95 bomber that just can't handle those big media files? Send it to computer heaven at the sixth annual Electronics Recycling Day from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Spenard Builders Supply. Old electronics equipment will be collected and recycled for valuable metals, plastics and other stuff. Households pay $15 a carload; per pound rates apply for businesses and nonprofits. The first 100 households receive a free compact fluorescent light bulb.

BEST GET GREEN AND READ BET: Stock up on summer reading and put some vegetation in your life for the Friends of Homer Public Library book and plant sale. It runs 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday at our great library.

BEST AU CONTRA BET: Put on those clean soled dancing shoes for the monthly square and contra dance. Cheaper than two gallons of gas — that's $6 — dance to The China Pooters. Laura Patty calls. The fun starts at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at West Homer Elementary School.

BEST DRAMARAMA BET: Go ahead — pout and use your outside voice inside. It's DramaSlam, 24 hours of manic theater energy. Discuss and plan at 8 p.m. Friday at the Homer Council on the Arts and then go forth and write and rehearse. Want to see the result? Check out what happens at 8 p.m. Saturday at HCOA. Admission is $5.

BEST HIT THE BEACH BET: Get outside for a good cause from 4-6 p.m. Tuesday for a spring CoastWalk at Anchor Point sponsored by the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies and the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve. Clean up and map the beach. Meet at the parking lot at the mouth of the river.

BEST GLORY BE BET: Easter's a bit late this year, but on the other hand maybe the warm weather means you actually can wear spring clothes for Easter. Join local Christian churches for Easter weekend celebrations with the Walk of the Cross at noon Friday and sunrise services at 7 a.m. Sunday. The walk starts at the Salvation Army church on the Sterling Highway and ends at Homer Christian Church on East End Road.