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Story last updated at 3:26 PM on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why I am proud to pledge allegiance to our flag

By Miranda Martina
Grade 6, West Homer Elementary School

I have a lot of reasons to pledge to our flag. For instance, I had a lot of family members fight for our country. One of them is my mom; she fought in Iraq. My Grandpa fought in the Korean War. He also was alive during World War 2. He has two purple hearts. I'm proud of the people who fought in our country. When I stand for the Pledge Allegiance; it's as if I'm standing up and fighting as well.

Soldiers today are still fighting for our country, and I am confident to say that. Soldiers are also very confident, and they are not afraid to face death. Soldiers die every day, but they die honorably. I admire soldiers for standing up and never backing down. They don't quit; in fact, they take a step forward and never backwards.

I am also proud to pledge allegiance to a flag that represents freedom. We have so many freedoms, such as the freedom to practice any religion. We also have the freedom to live where ever we want. We also have the right to move and travel wherever we need to.

I attend a school with all different people, so our country has many different cultural background freedoms. Also, the flag has more of a meaning than we realize.

The colors each stand for something. Red means hardiness and valor. White means innocence and purity. Blue means Justice, perseverance, and Vigilance. The stripes stand for our 13 American colonies; the stars represent each state.

I stand and say this pledge everyday with my class as if we are united. We stand for the flag to show loyalty. We place our right hand on our heart to show we promise. We take off our hats to show respect. It makes me proud to do this tradition.