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Story last updated at 6:39 PM on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Country in big trouble

What about the no fly list? No trial no jury, dont know how you got on the list or how to get off it. No notification. Dont even know you are on it until you have purchased your nonrefundable ticket and are about to get on the plane.

Turning our natural right to travel into a privilege.Revoke your passport because you owe the IRS (Federal Reserves debt collecting agency for foreign banks and Goldman Sachs). Co-joined with the no buy list, no trial no jury, no notification when going to buy a firearm.

Next an implanted chip, that may be shut off if you are politically incorrect. Turn it into a no job or no money list. We have already accepted the total government spy grid. How would grandma feel if it was accepted/allowed for government to open her personal letters. Oh, youve got nothing to hide? Methinks our country is in trouble.

Rev. Richard Olson


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