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Story last updated at 6:40 PM on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reconciliation panel proposed

Recently we wrote letters to the editor about police abuses. Many people came forward to tell us their experiences. We heard numerous serious allegations.

We propose that the Homer City Council establish a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. The commissions first task would be to listen to citizens who have experienced police perjury, harassment, unfair/unconstitutional treatment at the hands of the justice system, police discretion applied unfairly, unethical/illegal prosecutorial behavior, arrest/incarceration when no crime was committed, police intimidation and/or disrespectful behavior, ineffective public defender counsel, unreasonable fines, police behavior causing shame and degradation in the course of arrest/incarceration, and cultural discrimination.

The commission would make recommendations to police, local courts and the city. The overall goal of the commission would be to air and repair serious matters currently the subject of rumor, conjecture and public anger.

At this time in America when the Supreme Court has decreed that police can strip search anyone stopped for any reason, Homer needs open public discourse on relations between police and citizenry. Homer is a great community. Homer deserves a principled, respectful, protective police and justice system, not the current predatory system. In the spirit of Brother Asaiah, Homer needs a protective venue where folks can tell the truth about these matters without being punished.

The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission could include a Homer police officer, a representative from Homers city administration, a city council member, three members of the general public and a wise spiritual counselor.

Bumppo Bremicker and Lindianne Sarno